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The OverTone DSP PTC-2A Vintage Pultec EQ Plug-In is now Thanks! With a discount and a free coupon, I payed less for my UAD Pulteq EQ.
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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Soon, these tube, transformer, pound behemoths resided in world-class studios, many of which still employ their vintage Fairchilds.

Overtone DSP Overview

In , Universal Audio released the Fairchild Legacy plug-in, which was quickly heralded as the best emulation available. Although the Fairchild Tube Limiter Plug-In Collection nails the classic sonics of yesteryear, it also sports useful new features for modern workflows. A Parallel Mix control lets you blend your unprocessed signal with the compressed signal, opening worlds of textural possibilities on everything from a drum bus to a mix bus.

Use it to punch up the drum bus to enhance its impact without triggering the threshold of the compressor with the kick drum. The Headroom HR control can be increased to make mastering applications a breeze, raising the gain reduction threshold and lowering distortion. Conversely, you can decrease headroom, lowering the gain reduction threshold and raising distortion for grittier textures that work on everything from vocals and drums to guitar and bass. This really is something special! I've had the Waves version for years and rarely used it.

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The UAD Legacy version didn't really inspire me much either. I demoed this one and was instantly This is yet another stunning model from UAD. So much tone, so much character, and it even compresses stuff. UAD have done it again. Thank's UAD for this great plugin!

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Everyone should have this plug! I am using it to summarize vocals. Attack remains. I think that it is also modern that parallel compression can be used.

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I demoed this one and was instantly converted. I love it on the mix bus - often with the threshold catching only occasional peaks, if any at all. It's great on a drum bus for parallel compression with the built in mix knob. In some cases I love it for vocals, but it can be a little harsher than the Tubetech or the LA2A, so it depends on what I'm looking for. The screws for shaping the knee and the sensor are very powerful tools. Track Spark. Use coupon code chords22 at checkout. Use coupon code spring at checkout!

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